Headquartered in London and working globally, we provide training and advice to Governments to improve the capabilities of intelligence and security agencies and contribute to better national security policy.

We work with companies to:
• Understand the motivations and personal characteristics of potential partners, competitors and mergers/acquisition targets
• Introduce practices to reduce the risk from disillusioned employees
• Gain insights into external threats.

JTIP's staff and advisers are drawn from British Government departments, academia and business.

We work in strict accordance with UK and international Human Rights practices and legislation, including the OECD-DAC Guidelines on Security and Justice Sector Reform.

JTIP's founder, John Taylor,
is co-author of several
acclaimed books MORE >

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JTIP is part of PGI, a global company specialising in integrated risk management services including cyber security, open-source intelligence, maritime security and human behavioural analysis.

Tel: +44 (0) 207 293 0437
Email: clientservices@jtip.co.uk

JTIP services for Governments and Corporates. MORE >

Psychological insight to support major sales, M&A, hiring and litigation. MORE >

Early warning of internal risks.

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