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A talented and inspiring global team

From the diverse origins and disciplines of British Government departments, academia and business, JTIP has developed into a global team of talented and experienced individuals. Our values include caring about integrity, a determination to learn and a will to ensure clients get exactly what they want, when they need it and at a realistic cost.

JTIP has a wide range of clients. The British government was our principal client in the early days but we have diversified extensively and now have major contracts with governments in the Far East, in Europe and in the Middle East. We work for Blue Chip companies who take us to Africa, Central and North America as well as Europe.

We can deliver presentations in French, German and Arabic and have a good working knowledge of many other languages. We respect and understand cultural differences.

Those who work for JTIP, whether employees or associates, are gifted and committed. We also strive to be good fun and a pleasure to be with…

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