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JTIP Services

Advice to Training Departments

JTIP has delivered high quality training for over ten years. JTIP's founder John Taylor is the co-author of the text book 'Learning at Work'. He has been involved in the intelligence and security industry for 40 years, and has twenty years' experience of training. He was also an operational officer working against the toughest targets faced by the UK.

We have developed a 'Training for Trainers' course that has been delivered to over 25 services. We continue to update the course and always adapt it to the educational and practical needs of the organisation.

Learning at Work Operational Training

This summary describes the range of training courses and other services which we provide. Please contact us if you have other services that you require and we will let you know very quickly whether we or one of our partners can deliver.

Source Handling
JTIP designs and delivers a wide range of courses on running sources and informants. Recent work includes an intensive course on all aspects of source handling, advanced case officer courses and one-to-one specialist training.

Operational Security & Tradecraft
Front line operators and organisations are increasingly vulnerable to threats from terrorists, criminals, cyber-attack and hostile intelligence and security forces. We provide courses to maximise operational security and protect people and organisations from physical, reputational and operational threats.

Surveillance, Anti-Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
JTIP employees and associates have long and recent experience in all forms of surveillance. We build teams, train them and provide the best communications systems for surveillance operations. We also train people in how to identify surveillance when on operations.

We train the basics of deductive analysis, including associated software; we also provide advanced training in inductive reasoning so analysts are better equipped to predict events.

Interviewing Skills
Collecting information from other people is a core skill. We provide expert training on eliciting information for numerous reasons - assessing people, negotiation and throughout the workplace...

Lawful Interrogation
Using techniques developed in the police we can significantly increase the amount of accurate information collected either by training others or conducting the investigation ourselves. These techniques respect Human Rights - strictly in accordance with prevailing legislation - and are proven methods for eliciting useful and accurate information.

Detecting Deceit
In interviews people omit important information, deceive and sometimes forget. Our staff work closely with psychologists who are experts in the field of detecting deceit. We can bring these skills to our clients through training and as an advisory service. Polygraph training is normally an integral element of these courses.

Leadership, Strategy and Management
We deliver leadership and management courses to all levels of people in an organisation, including national security councils and executive boards. This can be through traditional courses or by one-to-one executive coaching.

Technical Advice

JTIP provides advice, operational support and training on a wide range of technical issues of interest to security services.

This ranges from security assessments, to photography, to providing advanced IT skills. For example, we have experts in IT systems that have considerable experience in designing and building systems both small and large. This training is delivered by close associates of JTIP that have a wide range of experience.

Our services are closely integrated with PGI sister companies, allowing us to deliver comprehensive and unified advice on cyber security, open-source intelligence including social media monitoring, and physical protection.

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