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JTiP Remote Profiler

Psychological insight to support major sales, M&A, hiring and litigation

Remote Profiler is a comprehensive package of services designed to maximise the probability of success in major negotiations. It draws on world-class psychological research and uses senior practitioners from academia, business and government to prepare and implement a negotiation strategy based on deep insights into your counterpart's core characteristics.

Remote Profiler has three broad elements:

Insight Into Your Counterpart

We gather evidence from:
• Publicly-available profiles and biographical information
• Social media interactions and hidden web material, using proprietary software that delves deeper than publicly-available search engines
• Structured interviews with people from your counterpart's personal and professional network.
Evidence is gathered remotely, without the need for direct contact and without the knowledge of your counterpart.
We create insight, based on proven psychological approaches, that can predict likely behaviour based on a wide range of biographical factors including education, national culture, family position and career experiences.

We particularly analyse the counterpart's life history for evidence of 'dark side' behaviours – characteristics such as narcissism or neuroticism which may cause the counterpart to depart from normal professional behaviour.

Remote Profiler Insight Into You

With your permission, we analyse your biographical information and conduct structured interviews with you and your personal and professional networks, to identify your own dominant characteristics. We identify those areas where you will most connect with your counterpart, and those areas where you are most distant. These are particularly important considerations if you and your counterpart have significantly different cultural or educational backgrounds.

Preparing and Implementing a Strategy

We use these insights to prepare a negotiating strategy, including these topics:
• Which negotiating points are likely to prove most problematic in practice? These may not be the ones that rationally are the most important or where there is most difference between your positions. What methods can you use to persuade your counterpart and achieve your objectives? What are your counterpart's 'hot buttons'?

• What type of relationship (e.g. confrontational, professional, social) will most achieve your aims? Which negotiating context (e.g. electronic, formal, social) will most strengthen the desired relationship? Which aspects of your and your counterpart's characters may form a barrier to a constructive relationship? What are your most likely errors and how can they be avoided?

We help you implement these insights through a variety of methods:
• Summary report giving implications and recommendations
• Formal analytical report giving a full evidence base and academic context for our recommendations
• Personal briefings
• Coaching and role play to help prepare for negotiation
• Real-time negotiation support as required

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